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Fast recovery or prolonged recession - what's next?

Recently the global economy has entered another cycle of uncertainty and slowdown, recalling the great recession of 2008. The question we can ask today is not whether there will be an economic crisis, but rather how quickly the world will emerge from the crisis. Will the recovery be painless or is this just the beginning of one of the worst economic crisis in decades? In search of the answers, the Conference Board's think tank conducted a large-scale study involving over ...

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Investment in Gold or Silver - what the data can suggest?

What could you do with your money during a crisis? Which asset has the greatest potential to maintain the maximum invested value and to rise in price over time? Against the background of today's global economic uncertainty, these questions have begun to be asked more and more often. Most market participants probably have a ready answer. If they say that it is gold, they will be quite right, because based on its historical performance, the precious metal has managed to ...

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Why stocks are rising when consumers expect the opposite?

Today's situation in the US market is quite unusual. On the one hand shares do not stop rising and registering new and new peaks. On the other hand are the consumer expectations, which have not been so negative for a long time and have not differed so much from the direction of the stock markets for a long time. What's really going on? It all started after the beginning of the coronacrisis in March this year, when consumer expectations about the economy deteriorated ...

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NEW: Section "Trader's Edge" for real-time market analysis

Dear Clients, BenchMark has created a new section for real-time market analysis. Only customers with live accounts have access to it through the BenchMark Clients website. The section is called "Trader's Edge" and in it you will find the following subsections: "Reversal bar" - an automated scanner that detects in real time the candlestick formation "Engulfing Candle" for the respective financial instruments; "Price strenght" - an automated scanner that measures the ...

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How to trade the split of Tesla and Apple shares?

Shares of the giants Tesla and Apple reached historic highs just in the midst of the coronacrisis, and even now they continue to rise, despite fears of a global recession and slowdown in the global economy. The record growth is the reason why the two companies have taken actions to split their shares, as their high prices currently make them inaccessible to small investors and their employees as wel. Tesla announced a split in ratio of 5:1, while Apple announced ratio of ...

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